Special Ocasion

Pink Onigiri

Rice balls with hummus filling

Maybe you are in need of a bit of Valentine’s Day inspiration? This savory snack is great: sushi rice tastes awesome, it’s meant to be consumed cold and can be easily packed and eaten on the go. A perfect combination.

It doesn’t have to be pink or heart shaped and there are many inspirational photos on Google for shaping and placing the nori. This recipe makes 4 servings, 4 hearts about 1 cup each in my case, plus leftover hummus.

🍙250g sushi rice
🍙2 tbsp beet juice
🍙1/2 cup rice vinegar
🍙1 tsp salt
🍙1 tbsp white sugar
🍙1 or more sheets of nori

🍙2 cups cooked chickpeas
🍙1 lemon juiced
🍙1 medium beet, grated and squeezed
🍙1/2 tsp salt
🍙3 tbsp tahini
🍙1/4 cup water or more

I had mine on their own on the go and also paired with tahini covered bamboo slices and garlic Shitake mushrooms.
  1. Start cooking the rice and mix in a bowl the vinegar, salt and sugar until disolved.
  2. In the meantime, put all the hummus ingredients in a blender. The consistency should be thick paste like, not too wet.
  3. Allow the rice to cool for 10 minutes, then fold in the vinegar mixture and 2 tbsp beet juice that was left from squeezing the grated beet for the hummus.
  4. Scoop and shape the rice in 2 steps, sandwiching 1-2 tbsp of hummus in the middle.
  5. Always handle the rice with slightly wet or oiled hands or utensils. Use a wet/oiled mould or plastic wrap to shape.
  6. Finally, wrap with the nori. I used small rectangles, but it’s optional. Parchment paper or plastic wrap can be used to prevent sticking instead.
  7. Store the leftover hummus in the freezer. Enjoy!