Beet and Oat Pancakes

I paired the pancakes with chocolate covered apple slices, yogurt and raspberries.

I like finding creative ways of sneaking in more veggies in the foods I consume often and beets are awesome in so many ways. If you have a blender, these are so easy to make.

Pancake batter
🌱1.5 cup soy milk
🌱1 tbsp vinegar
🌱1 small red beet

🌱2 cups oat flour
🌱2 tbsp ground flax
🌱1 tbsp baking powder

Blend the first ingredients, then whisk in the rest and allow to rest for 10 minutes to thicken.

There’s no sugar because I always have my pancakes with fruit, yogurt or syrup that are sweet enough, but feel free to add some.

I used an ice cream spoon to scoop the batter and a tea spoon to flatten it a bit in the pan.

The beet will make the pancakes retain more moisture which I like and in other batches I’ve used apple sauce or banana to achieve that.