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Sirplus – an Eco-Friendly Online Shop

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Sirplus is a start-up that aims to reduce the quantity of wasted groceries through saving them from the landfill, reselling them and raising awareness. We produce more food than we consume and a big percentage of that goes to waste instead of feeding the hungry. On their Mission page, they claim that we could feed in a year all the hungry people four times over with the food being wasted!

Most food products are still good to eat even past their ‘Best Before Date’, so they’re being gathered, tested and resold. I discovered them through a Facebook ad and decided to order one of the organic vegan boxes and see how it goes. I was very happy with the quality of the products, service and the eco-friendly packaging. So much so that, this year, I’ve made a subscription to the same box. I’ve been pleasantly surprised every time and discovered favorite products. Being all about the whole foods, I don’t have so many opportunities to discover and support other vegan products and companies, so this makes sense. Plus, it’s for a good cause.

They deliver with DPD which is the best, but are only available in Germany. If you live here, take a look at their website. It might be a good fit. It’s certainly a cause worth supporting.

March 2020
The highlight was the Veganblitz white chocolate.
May 2020
I really loved the Tropicai Coconut Blossom Vinaigrette.
April 2020
Edamama Soybean Noodles are the best. I ordered more in bulk.